Ubisoft Breaks Down the Story of Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the Role of AI

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Won’t Have AI Teammates 

Ubisoft recently revealed their latest upcoming title Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint set as a follow-up to Ghost Recon Wildlands. Since the official unveiling of the game Ubisoft talked a little about the story and confirmed that there won’t be an option for AI companions to aid you in combat.

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If you’re someone who appreciates the help from your AI teammates when out on story missions, you may be a little disappointed to hear that though Ubisoft says there’s a few reasons for this decision. Of course the biggest reason lies in the story itself as you are a lone Ghost who has crashed behind enemy lines with no communication back to HQ. Now it’s not all bad however as your character is set to have a drone that will help with new gameplay features including sync shots.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s community developer Laura Cordrey recently sat down with PCGamesN where she talked a bit about this decision. “Firstly, we offered the option to turn off AI companions in Wildlands, and players really liked that full solo experience. Secondly, with the story here [in Breakpoint], you’re stranded alone behind enemy lines, so we really want players to be able to dive into this fantasy. But we also offer the mechanics so that the game is fully playable in solo and co-op. Those who want to have the solo experience can, and players who want to have the four-player co-op experience can as well – we just want to offer as much variation as possible.”

What’s interesting however is that you are able to play online co-op in which you will have three human teammates who can help get through the adventure. Lead developer Sebastien Leprestre explains why this is a bit different than playing solo. “When you do originally crash land on the island you come in on one of four choppers so for the narrative’s sake there are more survivors in the other choppers.”

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set to drop for PS4, Xbox One, and PC this October. What do you think about playing the story solo with just a drone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!