Rage 2 Roadmap Shows DLC Coming in the Next Few Months

Incoming Free Stuff!

Careful planning. That’s what came to mind when laying eyes on this roadmap. I’ve never seen launch day on a game’s own roadmap, as it is a little bit odd to see one for a game before it is even released. There is quite a bit coming in the next few months. This may bring some joy to fans that out of the twenty or so DLC pieces, there are only two paid expansions planned between now and the Winter. The Rage 2 roadmap lays out skins, events, vehicles, and challenges. “It’s like a GPS for AWESOMENESS.”

Rage 2 Roadmap

Let’s break this roadmap down. In May, obviously Rage 2 launches. The roadmap does not provide specific dates, but in the same month, Rage 2 gets Wasteland Challenges, Weapon Skins, and a World Event called Bring the Ruckus. In June, the game gets its Day 30 Update. No detail on what exactly that is. June also gets a World Event called Mech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself, which comes with a mech ride, as well as more Wasteland Challenges, Weapon Skins, and cheat codes. In July, fans get a One Wheeler vehicle, more challenges and skins, and a World Event called Global Worming.

Up until August, all the DLC has been free. August’s challenges, weapon skins, and event Mutant Derby is also free, but the first paid DLC is called Rise of the Ghosts. This includes content for a new story, enemy faction, weapons, abilities, vehicles, and areas. Sometime between September and December, Rage 2 will be getting more weapon skins and challenges, another event called Rageisode 2: Attack of the Drones, and another piece of paid DLC. This will include the same bonuses as the first DLC expansion. All this was tweeted out by the official Rage 2 Twitter account.

Rage 2 comes out on May 14th on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Are you picking it up? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter