Hawked Lays Out Its Game Plan With 2024 Roadmap

The Road Ahead for Hawked

Communication between developers and gamers is what fosters community. When players start investing in a game it’s obvious that they want to know their investment is worth it. Of course, a roadmap is one way to achieve this. Today, MY.GAMES officially released the 2024 roadmap for their extraction shooter, Hawked. Allowing players to see what is coming for the game in the coming year, the roadmap contains vital information on new features and updates that players can expect through all four quarters of 2024. Importantly, a teaser for the update coming in Q2 of 2024 gives players a glimpse of the newest enemies coming to the game. 


Hawked is an extraction shooter that sees players deploy to X-Isle. Here, players will survive traps, battle strange creatures, and face off against other squads in an attempt to secure treasure. Of course, surviving is the goal. Yet, that is easier said than done. Now, it may be getting even harder with what is coming to the game this year. For instance, players can look forward to the inclusion of the VEKTR, the newest enemies arriving to X-Isle. These deadly robots will put player skills to the test as they invade the island. However, alongside this threat are more weapons, and even more features like ranked modes. Additionally, players can look forward to new storylines, a new map, new tech, and more as the year goes on.

Of course, players can check out the first large update to Hawked in the Out of the Shadows teaser trailer. The trailer shows off the newest threat to the Isle, the VEKTR. View the trailer below.

Hawked is out now on Early Access via Steam.