Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ Final Major Update Introducing a Battle Royale Mode

The Mercenaries Update is an 8-Player PvP Extravanganza

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is getting its final update before the franchise moves onto the next installment in the popular series. After previously stating that a battle royale feature is impossible, it appears things are now different. The name of the new mode is Mercenaries and introduces an 8-player battle royale feature.

Ghost Recon

While playing Mercenaries, you begin alone and unarmed on the rough streets of Bolivia. It is up to you to quickly ascertain some weapons and gear so you can effectively fight opposition forces. The overarching goal of the new battle royale mode is to find and activate┬árandio transmitters that gradually reveal where the extraction zone is. Upon finding three transmitter, a chopper flies in and the first player to fill their “extraction gauge” flies away. Essentially, the name of the game is, to quote the great Arnold Schwarzenagger, “get to the choppa!

The new mode also introduces some changes to the gameplay. There are now destructible doors that make a lot of noise when destroyed, thus potentially alerting nearby players. There is now an armour bar that will absorb a percentage of damage. Finally, there is now also a bleeding effect when you are hurt – meaning health will deplete until you use a medkit, bandage or syringe.

The big difference between Mercenaries and a typical battle royale is that death does not end te game. Players can respawn, although they lose all their weapons and gear.

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