Unofficial Anthem Survey Shows That Half the Game’s Player-base Has Already Quit

Freelancers Have Blasted Off to Other Games

According to a survey conducted by an Anthem player over on Reddit, BioWare has quite a bit of work to do if they want to bring back some of the game’s player count, which has already allegedly halved.


Redditor SyntaxTheGr8 pulled over 1000 responses from the Anthem community, and it paints a pretty sobering but predictable picture of how players currently feel about the game. 50% of participants claimed to have encountered “many” bugs during their time in Bastion, and 56% gave the current loot system (which the community has been very vocal about their dissatisfaction with) a 1 out of 5. I would imagine it’s a combination of these downfalls that have led to the finding that 53% of polled players have already ejected or uninstalled Anthem with no plan to return anytime soon.

Additionally, SyntaxTheGr8’s findings showed that 36% of players see Anthem’s future as “not looking good at all,” while the rest of the participants express being “concerned.” SyntaxTheGr8 also asked players “If you were to change one thing in Anthem, what would it be?” and arranged their responses into a word cloud. The most prominent word is, obviously, “Loot.” You can check out some fun graphs made from the survey’s results here.

It’s been a rough couple months for devs and fans alike since Anthem’s launch back in February (on PC, PS4 and Xbox One). In addition to all of the game’s performance and design issues, a painfully eye-opening report on the game’s production was released that prompted BioWare to have an all-hands meeting to discuss coming changes to the workplace in the future. Here’s hoping the developer can get themselves, and Anthem, in order. Let us know what you think could bring players back to the game in the comments!

SOURCE: Reddit