BioWare Held All-Hands Meeting This Week

Perhaps They’re Serious About Change, After All

This has been a rocky couple of weeks for BioWare. A recent Kotaku article blew open some serious internal struggles, the sort that have been brewing for at least a decade. Now, word is out that the company has responded properly to these systemic issues with an all-hands meeting.


If you’re unfamiliar with the term, all-hands meeting basically means the bosses are taking this seriously. The ship isn’t sinking quite yet, but the danger of it doing so is very real. According to Jason Schreier (the author of the infamous article in question), employee reaction to this meeting ranges from optimistic to deeply skeptical.

Previously, BioWare had reached out indirectly with a blog post condemning Kotaku and Schreier for the piece. Now, it seems like maybe they’re taking this problem more seriously. Sadly this is all speculation on our parts. Regardless of the reports that come out about this, we won’t truly know if things have changed until BioWare shows their work, so to speak. Even if they come out with a grand, flowery gesture about teamwork and togetherness, it won’t matter if the games are still so troubled. Hopefully the company’s future output comes with less suffering and strife.