God of War’s New Theme May Hide a Teaser for Future Sequels

It’s a Boatload of Mystery

Yesterday, we received a heartfelt thank you from Sony Santa Monica, the team that created a new masterpiece in God of War. Their appreciation came with a token in the PS4 marketplace, a new dynamic theme. No doubt, the majority of people were unaware of the hidden easter egg in said theme.

god of war

Discovered by the eagle eyes over at Twisted Voxel, the new God of War dynamic theme includes a potential teaser for the sequel. Creative Director Cory Barlog has made it no secret that he hopes to follow-up on the ‘rebooted’ series with a host of new games. How the sequels will play out is anyone’s guess, but the campaign itself provided no shortage of previews for the realm of Norse mythology. Much of the dialogue and collectibles make direct reference to Ragnarok, the climax event that chronicles the fall of the gods. The PS4 theme has gone meta with that message.

If you pay attention to the boat in the God of War dynamic theme, you may notice a series of runes etched into the wood. Translated, the runes spell out “Ragnarok is Coming.” Now, those in-game references are starting to sound more like teases of what’s to come. And as the epilogue cliff hanger tells us, things are about to escalate in the Norse realms.

God of War is available now on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. If you’re curious about ongoing events at the studio, maybe follow Cory Barlog over on Twitter.

Happy gaming.