Xbox One S All-Digital Is Not a Digital-Only Push; Pricing Confirmed

A Cheaper Alternative for Digital Gamers

After a hot minute in the dark, over at Inside Xbox (video available below), Microsoft has finally pulled the curtain on their Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. As the name implies, the new console will strictly allow access to digital games since there’s no disc drive amidst the hardware.

The newest member of the Xbox One family of devices, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is also the most affordable. Xbox decided on a price tag that aptly represents the application of their hardware, $50 less for an alternative that makes games “more accessible to more people”. It will cost $299.99 CAD.

As implied by the name, the all-digital block encompasses all the same features of the Xbox One S, power and all. It’s nothing less than a disc-free choice for gamers who lean toward digital consumption, as Jeff Gattis, General Manager of Platform and Devices Marketing at Microsoft, states:

“The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is about providing choice. As with anything we work on, our customers are at the center of our product development process and general consumer behavior suggests there’s a strong appetite for digital experiences today. We think of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition as an option that caters to audiences who prefer to find and play their games digitally. We’re not looking to push customers toward digital; it’s about meeting the needs of customers that are digital natives that prefer digital-based media and providing value with the most affordable Xbox One console.”

Xbox One S All-Digital is also perfect for anyone whose pool of games stems from Xbox Game Pass. In response to the service’s ongoing relevance and popularity, Microsoft has announced the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Plan, the entire Game pass library stacked on top of an Xbox Gold membership. As such, anyone who regularly renews both services will have an easier time managing their plans at no extra cost. That’s online accessibility, Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and an endless library of titles new and old for a single monthly fee, which may just be the best deal gaming can offer.

What are your thoughts on Xbox One S All-Digital Edition? Would you consider digital-only gaming at a lower price point? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.