Anthem GM: “It’s Been A Rougher Launch Than Expected”

BioWare’s GM On Anthem’s Rocky Launch

Like all AAA games, Anthem has had a turbulent first few weeks. Anthem GM Casey Hudson published a blog post this morning that started out unusually honest, calling it “a rougher launch than expected.” He also peppered that speech with hope for the future, which Anthem players may or may not be short on at present.


Hudson talks about the many improvements his team has executed, the color of his Ranger, his shared dismay at all the problems, and the team’s plan for the future. Overall, there’s a tone of gratitude towards everyone willing to stick it out through the rough stuff. To be fair, this has been a winning strategy for some games! It just remains to be seen whether Anthem will turn out the same way.

Beyond his acknowledgment of the game’s problems, Hudson addresses BioWare fans at large. He mentions that Anthem is different than anything they’ve done before, and that this project won’t reflect future ones by any means. Players excited for what’s to come can look forward to “a series of world events, new story content, and new features, that all build towards the Cataclysm later this spring.” Whether you believe in Anthem or just the future of BioWare, it’s nice to see the developers leaning towards transparency. You can read the whole blog post here.