Rainbow Six: Siege’s New Team-Killing Deterrent is Pretty Awesome

Revenge is a Dish Best Sieged Cold

Team killing, the official esport of assholes everywhere, is about to receive a new kind of punishment in Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege Expansion

The team-based shooter has always been a hotbed for the unfriendly practice, no thanks to the ease with which one can accidentally turn from friend to foe. But today the game’s dev team outlined a new feature coming to help discourage assholes from taking part in their favorite pastime, by putting the power to punish in the hands of the victims.

The new “reverse friendly fire” feature will hit test servers ‘soon,’ and allows players who have been taken out by their teammates to make all of the perpetrators bullets backfire into their stupid face when they’re firing at a friendly target. The teamkiller in question will get a warning initially, but after their first completed act of assholery, the victim will see a kill-cam showing what really went down, and then decide if the teamkiller will spend the rest of the match chugging their own medicine.

It’s hard to believe Rainbow Six: Siege is entering its 4th year of content in 2019 – it feels like only yesterday that Rainbow Six: Patriots was announced and met with a resounding “but what about Vegas?” The game is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, let us know of your favorite teamkilling punishments in the comments!

SOURCE: Rainbow Six Ubisoft