Glimpse at Rainbow Six Siege Characters Leak for New Operators

You Can’t Kill what you Can’t See

Season 2 of Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 should be starting up in a little while. According to the Year 4 roadmap, that means two new Rainbow Six Siege characters will be joining the fight. One of these operators will be from Denmark, the other will be from US Secret Service. I, for one, am expecting that the latter to be wearing a black suit with aviators, constantly pressing on their earpiece. Like the character details from Season 1, these two may have been leaked a teensy-weensy bit. In the business of leaks, a little goes a long way.

Rainbow Six Siege Characters

This leak comes courtesy of Resetera user Kormora, who correctly detailed the operators Mozzie and Gridlock from the Season 1 leak. They say that the Danish operator will be an Attacker the US one will be a Defender. Apparently, the Danish character will be or has an ability to be invisible to cameras. They will also have an ability similar to Caviera that allows them to move silently. The Secret Service operator will have “special eyesight that bypasses flashes and smokes”. Those must be the aviators I was talking about! My guess is that they will also have an ability called “Get Down, Mister President!” that allows them to take fatal damage for a teammate.

As far as the invisibility to cameras goes, what exactly will that look like? Speculation Time: will the character model just be completely removed from camera view? Will there be some stealth tech that removes obvious images of them? Will cameras be able to see like a shimmer of light where the operator should be? It must be hard to portray invisibility. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Source: Resetera