Mobile Game takes on the Shape of a Vignettes PC Version

It’s not a Trick, it’s an Illusion

Back in 2017, a game called Vignettes hit iOS. It’s a neat puzzle game of objects transforming from one form to another. Developed by Skeleton Business, Vignettes racked up a bunch of awards and recognition for its audio design and for just being a good mobile game. Something this creative and stylish could not be limited to the mobile platform. This month, Skeleton Business launched a Vignettes PC port. If you have not heard of this game and are still confused about what exactly it is, definitely check out the trailer down below.

Vignettes PC

The best way I can explain how Vignettes is played is that you are given objects. By changing the orientation of these objects, they change into entirely different things. For example, slapping a lid on a pot, and then turning it changes it into a toaster, which then spits out a couple of pieces of toast. The game is a casual yet stimulating experience some puzzles being very straight forward and some being a little trickier. Because the objects shapeshift, they do not really need to be directly related to each other from one form to another. That means when a cat leaps from an open book or something, there might be a bit of surprise waiting for players.

As mentioned above, Vignettes first launched as a mobile game. It is now available on Steam for PC. The developers at Skeleton Business also have made it available on for PC. The version has some bonus content because “the team and community that have supported the creators of the game in the past”. iOS, Google Play, Steam, and, those are the places you can grab Vignettes.

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