Game of the Year 2017 Awards – Most Disappointing Game

COGconnected’s Best of 2017 Awards – Most Disappointing Game

The more developers give us, the more we expect the next time around. The competition in the video game industry is fierce, comparisons are bound to arise between franchises, so developers are under pressure to keep pushing their franchise to bigger and better things. Both for existing properties and budding franchises, the pressure to compete for the top spot can lead to higher and higher expectations as developers put out sensational ads and promises of the next great experience. This, however, does not always pay off and we the fans are left not necessarily angry, but disappointed.

Mass Effect Series Effect Andromeda Latest Mass Effect Patch

These were the games that more than anything we had high hopes for their success, the games which we waited with a little happy grin of anticipation as we came closer and closer to the release date and the game simply fizzled. Super Bomberman R wasn’t quite the experience we remembered it being as kids. Need for Speed Payback started to get the series back on track… but not quite following through. Mass Effect Andromeda was set to be an all-new adventure in one of the most dramatic, emotional series in games and it let us down big time. Agents of Mayhem had all the right parts to make a new spin-off franchise from the Saints series, but somehow they just couldn’t piece it together in such a way to give the fans what they wanted.

With these titles and more, 2017 had its share of games that left us shaking our heads. Check out the video below to see who takes home the Most Disappointing Game of 2017 award.

What do you think of our top three choices? Do you think a different game should have taken home the SMH award? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and the Comments section below, and of course keep an eye out for COGconnected’s other Best of 2017 Awards including Adventure Time, Thrillseeker, and the Nolan Northy.