COGConnected GOTY Awards – Best Shooter

Best Shooter 2022

It’s no secret that shooter games are often among the top selling games of the year. And with good reason. They’re the easiest games to jump in and out of when you only have 10 minutes and they’re often so different from everything else you’re playing, they’re just a breath of fresh air. Even if you only played the games on this list there would be a ton of variety. So what’s the best shooter of 2022? We’re about to find out together.

7. Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger is a heavy-metal rhythm-action shooter. Think Beat Saber meets a first-person shooter, just not VR. Then make it heavy metal. While you may have felt a strong sense of satisfaction shredding demons in DOOM to a killer soundtrack, Metal: Hellsinger is next level. You play as The Unknown, part demon, part human where you blast through demon hordes in search of vengeance. The more you shoot along with the beat of the music, the more intense the song becomes and the more damage you’ll do. It’s really just a fun time. Especially if you’re looking to get out some frustration after a long week at the office. It is a bit repetitive though so that’s probably why it ended up in the 7th spot on this list.

6. Shadow Warrior 3

Looking for some fast-paced gunplay and cut throat close combat? What about quick movement and traversal? Shadow Warrior 3, the third title in the franchise since the 2013 reboot, is what you’ve been looking for. It’s humorous and pretty straightforward – nothing is overcomplicated here. At some points, maybe a little too simple and linear, lacking sophistication and more variety from the previous couple of games. That’s why it snags the 6th spot. Still, it is very entertaining and will provide a couple hearty chuckles along the way.

5. Prodeus

Prodeus is a reimagined FPS that’s an ode to the classics. While Prodeus and Metal: Hellsinger are similar, this one reaches a wider audience, including Switch players, and is not tied to the rhythm of the music. It’s got a retro and pixelated aesthetic but the gunplay and overall gameplay are incredibly smooth. This shooter is unrelenting and frenzied and the combat is gory. Levels are bite-sized and there’s an option to build new ones and play endless levels made by the rest of the community! In short, this is a game you could play for hours and hours. If you’re in the mood for a badass 90s inspired shooter this is a delight.

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