The Sexiest Video Game Characters of 2023

Ranked: COGconnected’s Sexiest Video Game Character of 2023

Here it is. Easily the most important ranked GOTY list we write at COGconnected; the Sexiest Video Game Character of the year. In past years, we’ve had a literal who’s who of sexy appearing on these lists. From Samus Aran to Lady Dimitrescu, From Urbosa to Tifa Lockhart. 2023 was an incredible year for gaming, and there is absolutely no shortage of sexy on this list. Let’s get started.

10) Bubba Sawyer AKA Leatherface – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Bubba - Leatherface - GOTY - Sexiest-min

A fellow with a face only a mother could love – and also the mother of the skinned face he wears. Creepy. But, there is something about a man who hunts his own food.

Have you ever wished you could nail that Leatherface look, be sure to check out the official Texas Chain Saw Massacre cosplay guide! Just… maybe skip the real human skin parts…

9) Gale Dekarios – Baldur’s Gate 3

Gale Dekarios - Baldur's Gate 3 - GOTY - Sexiest-min

Gale is the good boy most parents hope their daughters will someday find. He’s clever, with an intelligence of 17 and is good-hearted. He is a bit of a pompous ass at times, but he also has the ability to cast Witch Bolt, so it’d be wise to just let his cockiness slide.

8) Clive Rosfield – Final Fantasy XVI

Clive Rosfield - Final Fantasy XVI - GOTY - Sexiest-min

Clive had a rough childhood. He was supposed to be the Dominant of the Phoenix, but there was a slight failure to launch in his teens. But, as with most moody teens, he went a bit emo and instead became the Dominant of the dark Eikon, Ifrit.

7) Purah – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Purah - Tears of the Kingdom - GOTY - Sexiest-min

Can you believe Purah is over 125 years old? Looks pretty smokin’ hot for that age. She discovered a de-aging process decades before, and oddly enough, no one in Hyrule seems to be pressing her for more info!

6) Jill Warrick – Final Fantasy XVI

Jill Warrick - Final Fantasy XVI - GOTY - Sexiest-min

Jill is one of the protagonists in Final Fantasy XVI and the “adopted” sister to Clive Rosfield (you know, the fellow who only ranked 8 on this list). She is a Dominant of Shiva, which gives her ice cold powers and minty fresh breath.

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