5 Reasons to Play Street Fighter 6 on PS5

Street Fighter 6 is one of the best known fighting games, available for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series S/X. Since its release on June 2nd 2023, which launched with 18 playable characters, the game has already added 2 DLC fighters “A.K.I.” and “Rashid”. Each season will add multiple new fighters, with the release of “Akuma” imminent on May 22nd, and “Ed” coming later this year. With the lack of new games releasing over the summer, here’s why Street Fighter 6 is one of our top picks to fill your summer break:

Great to play with Friends

Street Fighter has always been one of the classic fighting games to play with friends. Street Fighter 6 is no different, it supports local co-op as well as online matches. This makes it accessible to play with your buddies from anywhere. There’s also a free demo available, so if you have friends who don’t yet own the game they can still train before your couch co-op session.

Many Game Modes

Street Fighter 6 has various game modes to keep you busy. There’s one called World Tour that’s the main story. In this mode you create your own character, then you navigate through a city and must win fights to level up and unlock new gear, with a slight touch of RPG elements. Fighting Ground consists of many sub-modes such as tutorial, training mode, character guide, trials, and arcade. This is mainly where you learn the game. There are of course classic multiplayer versus matches where you fight other players 1v1. The main online mode is the Battle Hub which is a lobby where you can walk around with other players and engage in online matches, in tournaments, and give “Likes” to other players.

One of the most popular Fighting Games

Knowing how to play Street Fighter is a good skill to have for any gamer. If you master this, you will have laid the groundwork for other fighting games. If you don’t normally play fighting games you should still give it a try to become a well-rounded gamer in all genres. Odds are someone in your friend group will be playing Street Fighter. Learning how todo long combos will make you a better gamer overall, and having to react to fast attacks will improve your reflexes.

Frequent Fighter Updates

With each Season (lasting around one year) the game will receive new fighters. For example, Season 1 adds a total of 4 new fighters by the end of 2024. This will keep the game engaging over the long run. You’ll have to adjust to new movesets and get to play new characters to keep it fun.

Easy Platinum Trophy

Good news for the trophy hunters out there: the Platinum trophy is doable for everyone. While previous Street Fighter games had notoriously difficult trophies due to the online rank requirements, Street Fighter VI is much more attainable. There’s no online rank requirement this time, you don’t have to finish any character’s combo trials, and the Platinum trophy is doable in 40 hours. While not a super short Platinum, it is one of the easier ones in the fighting genre. So if you want to up your PSN level this will be a fun trophy hunt!

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