The Street Fighter 6 AKI Release Date Has Been Revealed

AKI Release Date Confirmed for Street Fighter 6

After the recent addition of Rashid, Capcom will now add A.K.I to Street Fighter 6’s roster of playable characters. The latest instalment of the legendary series was released in June and instantly became one of the greatest fighting games on the PlayStation 5. The game’s excellent cast of characters and successful fusion of vintage design and contemporary improvements have won praise.

Fans have recently had the opportunity to play Rashid, a character initially presented in the previous game. Additionally, Capcom has stated that three other characters, including A.K.I, are coming. Gamers just got their first glimpse at A.K.I for Street Fighter 6, a brand-new fighter for the series.

Street Fighter 6

Capcom has revealed that A.K.I. will be made available for Street Fighter 6 on September 27 through a tweet from the game’s official account. Following that, Capcom’s Social Media and Community Manager, Andy Wong, published a blog entry on the PlayStation Blog with further character information. This contains a wealth of details regarding A.K.I.’s fighting technique and unique techniques.

Capcom has also announced that in honour of the new character, a new fighting pass will be launched on September 1, before the A.K.I.’s arrival. This pass will offer various cosmetic items, including an outfit that reflects her style. There are many fabulous costumes in Street Fighter 6, and fans who like collecting them will want to check out this pass when it releases shortly. Whether they purchase this pass or not, most fans will want to check out the deadly master of poison when she joins the fray.