KILL KNIGHT Steam Next Fest Demo Will Arrive Later This Month

Unleash the Power of KILL KNIGHT

PlaySide Studios has announced that their upcoming title, KILL KNIGHT will participate in Steam Next Fest from 10th to 17th June. Players will also be able to experience the game in a demo that is arriving on Steam on 30 May. Check out the official announcement trailer to get a glimpse of the gameplay.

KILL KNIGHT is an ultra-responsive arcade-inspired isometric action shooter where you play as a dishonored warrior. Betrayed and cast into the depths of the Abyss, your reanimated corpse transforms into a weapon. The only thing that drives you is your thirst for vengeance and your single purpose is to kill the last angel.

To do so, you must exploit the weakness of every enemy and slay them brutally. All the while managing your resources carefully. Explore the depths of the eldritch Abyss, a nightmarish world dripping with atmosphere and danger. Prepare yourself for a relentless onslaught of horrors and fulfill your destiny.

The upcoming demo will include the first abyssal layer of the game called Solitude. They will be able to upgrade and experiment with the Knight’s arsenal as they climb the global leaderboards. Additionally, the top players throughout the demo period will get a chance to win a custom KILL KNIGHT PC. More details on the giveaway will be provided closer to the demo’s launch, so stay tuned.