KILL KNIGHT Official Game Announcement

Become the KILL KNIGHT

PlaySide Studios is thrilled to announce their upcoming ultra-responsive, arcade-inspired isometric action shooter, KILL KNIGHT. Revealed during the Triple-i Initiative, this title will be the premiere console project from the award-winning developers. The game is set to launch this year on PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


The game invites its players to become the masters of the demon that lies within themselves. They will descend through the voids of an eldritch arena with an arsenal of armor and weapons and fight against swarms of otherworldly horrors.

Here is a brief description of the game from the Steam page: Once a loyal knight, betrayed, and banished to the Abyss. A desecrated corpse inside reanimated armor. You rise to an eternal death. Branded KILL KNIGHT, you have one purpose – KILL THE LAST ANGEL.

Players must find and exploit the weaknesses of every enemy and execute them most brutally. All the while weaving through the Knight’s Arsenal and managing resources tactically. Are you ready to dance with death in the depths of the Abyss and become the top player in the global leaderboards?

Key features:

– Fast and visceral top-down, push-forward combat that rewards aggression and precision
– An immersive otherworld dripping in corrosive atmosphere with a retro-inspired aesthetic
– Descend through five fatal layers, each more deadly than the last
– Choose your challenge, with three distinct difficulty options to overcome
– Survive long enough to raise your Kill Power, increasing speed and damage
– Complete challenges to unlock your Knight’s Arsenal, and evolve your playstyle
– Dive into Master Mode, combining all five layers into one extended arena challenge
– Ascend the global leaderboards and compete with friends for the highest score

Take a look at the official announcement trailer below.