10 Xbox One Announcements That Need to be Made at E3 2018

Crackdown Surprise Release

Originally meant to launch alongside the Xbox One X, Sumo Digital’s Crackdown has been largely silent since then. There’s really no reason to keep drawing out the process of a game that has lost a lot of the hype it once had. I believe that a surprise E3 launch could help it regain some buzz, and would be a great way for Microsoft to end their show by telling players they can play the sequel right now.

Xbox E3 2018 Predictions

Xbox Elite Controller 2.0

Microsoft has done a great job of catering to their hardcore fanbase. The combination of the Xbox One X and the Elite Controller has really made their gaming ecosystem the best place to experience multiplatform releases, and there are currently rumors of a redesigned controller that would offer up even more functionality. This would be a smart move, as they might as well continue to give the loyal fans products they are passionate about.

Xbox E3 2018 Predictions


Halo 6

It’s been three years since we’ve seen what 343 Industries is up to on the first-person shooter front, which means it is about time we’ve seen something new. Halo 5 wasn’t quite the genre-defining masterpiece that fans wanted, but it was still a great shooter. A new entry would not only give Microsoft a key exclusive to market, but also a chance for the studio to finally get out of Bungie’s shadow.

Xbox E3 2018 Predictions