The Top 10 Moms in Video Games

4 – Rosalina (Mario Galaxy)

Though “Mother of Dragons” sounds way cooler, “Mother of Lumas” sounds pretty good too.  On top of caring for the hundreds of Lumas, shes in charge of watching over and protecting the cosmos.  Rosalina is certainly the most stressed out mom on our list and she finally gets to let off some steam in the latest Smash Bros and boy does she need it.

3 – The Night Mother (The Elder Scrolls)

According to the Dark Brotherhood beliefs, The Night Mother was told by the diety Sithis to kill her five children in his name.  After completing the deed, Sithis made her his wife and leader of the Dark Brotherhood.  Definitely not winning mother of the year, but the dark brotherhood is definitely the most badass guild to join.  On top of that, the Night Mother will make you her “Listener” in Skyrim, letting you speak only to her and give orders to her followers.  Thanks for playing favourites Mom.

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