The Top 10 Moms in Video Games

6 – Queen (Starcraft 2)

The Queen is the quintessential stay at home mom that does everything from garden work (spreading creep) to home repairs (healing structures).  She keeps all those pesky hellions and reapers at bay from her precious larvae, and is the backbone of every Zerg swarm.  The Queen’s  life has to be the worst out of all the mothers on the list; she has quadruplets after every pregnancy and pops creepy tumors out of her bowels… mad respect.

5 – Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)

Sonya Blade is a staple to the Mortal Kombat franchise and with her new found motherhood in MKX, we just had to put her on this list.  This beautiful and deadly special forces general is the mother of new fan favourite, Cassie Cage, who kicks just as much ass as she does.  Sonya Blade is one gaming mom we wouldn’t mind getting a kiss goodnight from… OK bad idea.

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