The Top 10 Moms in Video Games

Top 10 Moms in Video Games

It’s Mother’s Day and we at COG feel it’s only appropriate that we should recognize the best moms in video games. Whether they are good or bad mothers doesn’t matter. These moms should be appreciated for breathing life into our gaming world.  These are the top 10 moms in video games that we hold dear to our hearts.

Top 10 Moms Feature

10 – Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama makes menial tasks such as washing rice and chopping onions more fun than they actually are (though that’s not saying much).  But after every completed task the words of “just as skilled as Mama”, and Mama herself with stars in her eyes, makes us reminisce of our own mother being proud of us of our accomplishments.  Plus she doesn’t smack us in the back of the head for overmeasuring the water.

9 – Sophitia (Soul Calibur)

Sophitia is one of those moms that would make you hang your head down in front of your friends when she picks you up from school.  Blonde, beautiful and busty, your pubescent pals will be looking for every excuse to have projects at your place.  Going to university wont be much better as she appears to frequent toga parties.

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