The Top 10 Moms in Video Games

8 – Broodmother (DOTA 2)

Mothers are very protective of their children, coming to their aid in dangerous situations.  Not this mom.  Broodmother uses her children as weapons to kill her opponents and spawn even more blood thirsty spiderlings.  Ferocious and cunning, Broodmother weaves in and out of battle looking for the next unfortunate corpse to father her children.

7 – Pokemon Mom

“Hey Mom, I know I’m only 10 years old, but can I leave home to tame wild animals for this old man across the street and fight strangers in the forest?”  Known as either the coolest mom ever or the most irresponsible mother in video games, your mother in Pokemon can’t get you out of the house fast enough.  She even gives you running shoes for you to get out the door faster.

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