The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from May 2022

3 Up, 3 Down – May 2022

Most of The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from May 2022 are really high-profile releases. Sadly, the three worst were all games that series fans had been waiting for. Nothing scored horribly though, with our lowest-scoring game of the month still getting a 60. Regardless, here are The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from May 2022:

eiyuden chronicle rising coming to pc may 10th

The Good

Rogue Legacy 2

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After spending years in early access, Rogue Legacy 2 had an almost unannounced release in May 2022. This is the sequel to the game that popularized the rogue-lite genre. This sequel didn’t reinvent the wheel, but improved upon the original in very subtle ways. Our reviewer’s most welcome addition was the settings menu, which allowed for lots of gameplay customization. The only real complaint was that the difficulty might make Rogue Legacy 2 too daunting for some. Our reviewer wrote, “There are a lot of systems at play, but they generally help Rogue Legacy 2 transcend the limits of the genre and make it endlessly replayable and entertaining.” One couldn’t ask for more from a rogue-lite.

Salt and Sacrifice

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Salt and Sacrifice is the sequel to Salt and Sanctuary. This sequel is more of the same, but the original was deemed near-perfect by many. The game takes the mechanics of the Dark Souls games, and brings them to a 2D Metroidvania world. Like the Souls games, Salt and Sacrifice is an insanely difficult experience. To summarize, our reviewer wrote “Salt and Sacrifice has an old-school vibe that demands patience, determination, a willingness to grind, and the ability to find satisfaction in doing so.” Like Rogue Legacy 2, Salt and Sacrifice is daunting, but near-perfect.


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Unpacking is the unexpected surprise of The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from May 2022. It features gorgeous pixel art, in an isometric point-of-view. The story takes place over decades, and involves moving into new homes and unpacking the protagonist’s belongings. Controls are point-and-click, and create a Zen-like experience, as opposed to puzzle-based challenges. Our reviewer concluded that “Unpacking is a wonderful game that really needs more recognition and love.” It’s a must-try if you’re at all curious.