The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from August 2022

3 Up, 3 Down – August 2022

August was a great month for quality games. There were a lot of titles that COGconnected rated in the mid-80s, which easily could’ve made it on any other month’s top games list. On the other end of the review spectrum, there were really only two lemons this month. To find a third game, we had to choose from several games that earned a 65, which means they were still pretty good offerings. The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from August 2022 are:

The Good

Lost Epic

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Lost Epic is a 2D action JRPG with a visual aesthetic reminiscent of Vanillaware’s games. It plays like a Dark Souls-inspired Odin Sphere, with a Metroidvania game map. If any of these games or genres appeal to you, then Lost Epic is a must-play. Its only flaw is that it struggles to clearly explain its mechanics early-on. Once the player has the hang of things, its fun to explore, fight, and upgrade until its ending. Our reviewer concluded that “Lost Epic could go down as a genre classic.” High praise!

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever

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Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is the seventh game in a long-running Chinese JRPG franchise. Although the games feature a continuing story, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever wisely assumes it’s a franchise entry point for most players. It’s a very good action JRPG, but its narrative is what impressed our reviewer the most. For those who’ve played the PC version, this PS5 release featured almost none of the performance issues that plagued the original. Our reviewer concluded that “Sword and Fairy: Together Forever cements the franchise’s viability for a larger audience”. It’s a must-play for fans of JRPG storytelling, and action combat.

Two Point Campus

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Two Point Campus is the college building successor to Two Point Hospital. It’s a building/ economic sim, but isn’t really based in reality. Puns and fun are the name of the game. It’s about creating your dream super campus. Its mechanics are accessible, but surprisingly deep. Two Point Campus’ only real flaw is that it’s not very challenging. Our reviewer wrote “if you’re looking for a complex city builder where you need to stress over sewage systems and power grids, Two Point Campus isn’t it.” It’s just a good-hearted, and fun sim, which our reviewer loved.