This $300 Bloodborne Watch is Elegant and an Absolute Stunner

Astral Clocktower Model Bloodborne Impressions

A few months ago, I had an opportunity to check out SuperGroupies NieR Replicant watch. I went in with low expectations, thinking the watch would be nothing more than a gimmicky timepiece poor suckers would eat up. Boy, I was wrong. It’s a gorgeous wristwatch! Worth every penny. But here is the best part; this SuperGroupies Bloodborne watch is even better.

Admittedly, I still feel underqualified to even attempt at evaluating a watch. That hasn’t changed since the last time I wrote about one. If you have come here looking for a technical deep dive, you’ve come to the wrong place. Instead, you get my basic impressions from a dude who can appreciate a nice watch when he sees one. And I certainly appreciate this rather stunning automatic self-winding mechanical watch modeled after the Astral Clocktower, which is an infamous location in the game, Bloodborne.

Once again, SuperGroupies have outdone themselves and have quickly established themselves as the go-to for superb quality video game watches. Much like the other watches on their docket, this Bloodborne watch looks fabulous and can be worn for any occasion. The versatility of these watches is something I absolutely love. I would not hesitate to wear it to a formal wedding or to a rock concert. It’s truly a watch fit for any occasion. And for all genders.

Rose gold is typically a color I would see on my wife; however, this Bloodborne watch doesn’t necessarily have a feminine look. It has an elegant, and classy appearance. The black strap is made of real leather. As a result, it’s stiff but will eventually mold to your wrist. I generally wear big bulky watches, so I would consider the watch medium or average size. My wife has a small wrist. As such, she found the watch a little on the large side. That said, she also thought it looked fantastic and would also wear it without hesitation.

All the subtle little features pay a nice tribute to the game and that dreaded clocktower, home of one of the game’s most punishing bosses. Outside of the Bloodborne name labeled on the back, you would never know this is a Bloodborne watch unless you were a hardcore fan with an attention to detail. The tower is recognized within the beautiful layers of metal. It also has a window that slowly transitions from a sun to a moon as the day goes by. The roman numeral digits on the perimeter are understated and I love how you can see the inside mechanics and guts of the watch.

The more you look at this watch, the more you notice things. Even the underbelly of the watch looks awesome. The dials move easily and really, everything about this watch screams high quality. The see-through case on the back where you can see the watch’s inner workings and each delicate balance wheel in motion is slick. The rose gold buckles are a nice touch as well.

It’s a super sexy watch with a lot of attention to detail. The watch really nails that Bloodborne aesthetic and it’s quite clear all the materials used in the construction of the watch are high quality.

I’ve never been a fan of leather straps on watches. Like the other watches I own, I will be swapping out the existing strap for a stainless steel strap. Currently, the watch goes for around $300, which is pricey but when you consider the gorgeous craftsmanship and quality of the watch, I don’t have a problem with this price point at all.

At the end of the day, this Astral Clocktower Model Bloodborne watch is a beauty. The level of detail is impressive and there is absolutely nothing gimmicky about it. It’s easy to see why this watch is in high demand and as a result, hard to come by.

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this article***