This $150 Resident Evil Backpack is Sharp and Fans Will Love It

This Resident Evil Backpack is a Must Own For Serious Fans

I’ll admit, over the past year I have become a fan of SuperGroupies merchandise. I just love the way the Japanese fashion brand pays tribute and ultimately respects each video game franchise they represent. Whether it’s a Bloodborne wallet, Sonic watch or Resident Evil backpack, SuperGroupies have a knack for being able to nail exactly how those franchises should be represented. It also doesn’t hurt that the gear is high quality as well.

Earlier this year we checked out a slick NieR Replicant watch and a couple of months ago we shared with you our impressions of a classy Bloodborne watch. In each instance, I was impressed with the overall quality of the watches. I am so used to cheap plastic video game merch and accessories, so it’s refreshing to receive some higher-end items I could wear anywhere.

SuperGroupies have quickly established a name for themselves and these Resident Evil backpacks won’t hurt their reputation at all. At first glance, the backpacks don’t seem like anything special. I mean, there is no obvious markings that it is a Resident Evil themed bag. It just looks like a plain backpack. However, once I picked up the bag I quickly recognized the supreme quality and those little Resident Evil details that make it special.

You’ve Got Options

In celebration of Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary, SuperGroupies has created a line of Resident Evil items, including a watch, wallet, and backpack paying tribute to various characters from the games in the series. They sent us both the Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy Model Backpack. Leon’s bag is inspired by the character’s design in Resident Evil 4, while Jill’s bag is modeled after her character in Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil Backpack

Just like the watches, the details are subtle and won’t be noticeable to those who aren’t fans of the franchise. In fact, even fans will have a hard time identifying the bags as actual Resident Evil backpacks. For instance, the shoulder straps are modeled after Leon’s gun holster harness. I can definitely see some similarities, but I never would have known this if I hadn’t read the product description page.

The bag itself is quite large and can store any sized laptop. It’s quite spacious inside and perfect for teenagers or college students who inevitably have to lug around a ton of books, notes, and a PC around campus. It’s also classy looking so even working adults won’t look out of place carrying this backpack to work.

Resident Evil Backpack

There are numerous pockets inside the bag as well, perfectly designed to store smaller items. There are two open pockets and one zipped pocket on the inside. Outside the bag has 3 zipped pockets. So there is plenty of storage and perfect for a carry-on travel bag as well.

While the outside doesn’t have any Resident Evil markings at all, the inside is a different story. Inside there is a studded tag with “Leon S. Kennedy’s” name featured inside the backpack. There is also an exclusive lining pattern that features the “BIOHAZARD 25th ANNIVERSARY” official logo.

It’s extremely comfortable as well. Like many other quality backpacks, the back is padded. There is a layer of mesh that provides a comfortable fit. I didn’t get too hot wearing it either as the design gives it just enough breathing room.

You Were Almost A Jill Sandwich!

Jill Valentine’s bag, which is based on her character from Resident Evil 3, is surprisingly not identical to the Leon bag. Sure there are similarities, but Jill’s bag is uniquely hers. For starters, her bag is dark blue and features a front pocket that can fit some larger items like a smartphone or even a small tablet.

Resident Evil Backpack

The outside of the bag features 3 zipped outer pockets and 2 open side pockets, so Jill’s bag does have a little more storage. Inside is very similar to Leon’s in that it can store large items, has one 1 zipped pocket and 2 open pockets. The inside tag features Jill Valentine’s name and the exclusive “BIOHAZARD 25th ANNIVERSARY” is embedded in the lining.

Like Leon’s backpack, the shoulders straps are modeled after Jill’s gun holster harness, and the back panel of the backpack is equally comfortable.

Resident Evil Backpack

It’s safe to say SuperGroupies have established themselves as the go-to for superb quality video game merchandise. Much like the other gear they produce, these Resident Evil backpacks are fantastic. There is nothing tacky or gimmicky about these bags and can be worn with confidence anywhere. The attention to detail is brilliant and while the $150 may give you some pause, rest assured you are getting a supreme product fans will absolutely love.

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this article***