Ranking The Top Five Remedy Entertainment Games

And now for our top three Remedy Entertainment games.

3) Control

Remedy’s latest accomplishment, Control, is a spectacular attempt at giving players unique abilities such as telekinesis that really make you feel like a powerful badass. The game shares many of the great qualities we’ve come to expect from a Remedy game, such as brilliant casting, fun live-action bits, and a story that’ll make you scratch your head until it all comes together at the end. Don’t sleep on this game.

2) Alan Wake

Alan Wake is an action/horror game like no other. As Alan Wake, you’ll be tasked with shining a beacon of light on the darkness that has erupted into the world – a world that Alan himself seemingly wrote. Along the journey, you’ll constantly be on your toes as possessed enemies and poltergeists stand in your way. After the amazing Alan Wake, we were fortunate enough to get, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, but it was more of a spin-off than an actual sequel. Everybody wants an Alan Wake sequel, even Remedy does. Apparently, Quantum Break started off as a sequel before changing directions. Maybe if I write that Alan Wake 2 exists, it really will…

1) Max Payne

Max Payne gets the top spot of this list for one big reason, this game truly put Remedy Entertainment on the map. It was an action-packed game with fun mechanics, like Matrix-inspired bullet-time, a deep story, and a great lead character that truly has a poetic way with words. The game was so good, it spawned two sequels, both of which were outstanding. And who was that handsome fellow portraying Max Payne in the original game? None other than game writer and Remedy Entertainment superstar Sam Lake (follow him on Twitter, he’s awesome!).

Max Payne 1

Fun fact: The Finnish rock band Poets of the Fall are frequently featured in Remedy Entertainment games, such as the songs “Late Goodbye” from Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, “War” from Alan Wake, and “My Dark Disquiet” from Control.

And that concludes our look at the top five Remedy Entertainment games. In truth, even among our team at COGconnected, we couldn’t 100% agree on the positioning of each of these games. We also had some team that felt Alan Wake’s American Nightmare was worth a top-five spot. This just speaks to how incredible these games are and how they’ll each strike a chord differently for different gamers. What we do know is this; their latest game, Control, is outstanding – proving that Remedy Entertainment is in no-way slowing down. We have no doubt that whatever Remedy Entertainment develops next, we’ll be in for a treat. Fingers crossed it’s Alan Wake 2 though!

Are you a fan of Remedy Entertainment? Should Death Rally, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, or Agents of Storm made this list? How would you have ranked their games? Let us know in the comments below or via social media on Twitter and Facebook.