Celebrate International Ninja Day With The Best Ninjas in Video Games

Strider Hiryu – Strider Series

Strider has been ninja-ing it up since 1989. His most recent outing was back in 2014, so it’s probably time Capcom gives him another adventure.

Kasumi – Dead or Alive Series

While known as a deadly fighter in the Dead or Alive series, she’s also made appearances in a number of other franchises such as Warriors Orochi, The King of Fighters, Ninja Gaiden, and Monster Rancher. It’s worth noting that she’s also an avid volleyball player.

Ibuki – Street Fighter Series

Ibuki first made her ninja debut in Street Fighter III: New Generation and has been a series regular since, appearing as DLC in the latest Street Fighter game, Street Fighter V.


i-ninja - international ninja day

This ninja, simply named Ninja, had an adorable yet slick action-packed game back on PS2, Xbox and GameCube. It’s simply tragic that a sequel was never made.

Lo Wang – Shadow Warrior Series

Probably the biggest smart ass on the list with a penchant for one-liners and mass destruction. Lo Wang returns next year in Shadow Warrior 3. Who wants some Wang?

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