4 Things We Love (And Hate) About Amplitude

The Hate List

Weak Soundtrack

If you’re a veteran of either Guitar Hero or Rock Band franchise, then you maybe disappointed with the setlist for Amplitude. The focus is on electronic music with little to no hard rock or well known artists making up the setlist. It’s a disappointment because Amplitude did feature some well-known artists back in the day including Blink 182, David Bowie and Garbage.

No Online Play

It’s become a running joke that no Harmonix games feature online play. Rock Band 4 didn’t (although it may make an appearance down the road) and Amplitude is no different. As someone who struggles to find people to play rhythm games with, online play would have been a nice option to have.


Strange Song Unlock System

Amplitude ships with 30 songs, most of which are locked at the start. You can unlock songs by playing through the career mode and achieving high scores. The problem with this system is that if you didn’t achieve a high score on your first playthrough in the career mode, you have to go back and play through the career mode from the start, which isn’t helped by the fact that the campaign is pretty forgettable.

Game Can Feel Unfair at Times

Since the purpose of the game is to switch between different instrument tracks and maintain your combo, I often found it difficult to keep my combo going. Sometimes it feels like the game doesn’t play fair in this area, especially on the higher difficulties.