3 Best and 3 Worst Trailers From E3 2019

The Worst Trailers of E3

Dying Light 2

Sure, the new Dying Light does sound pretty interesting – but this trailer does not do it justice. I couldn’t help but think about how exciting it would have been in 2009, but after a decade of zombie-fatigue it just feels old hat. The generic voiceover dialogue almost immediately turns to white noise before showing off the game’s drab, brown and grey color scheme. The team probably would have been better off showing a realtime gameplay demo instead of the forced cinematic trailer.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine

The only way this trailer could have been worse is if it was all audio and on-screen text. The attempt at tension isn’t entirely lost, but the trailer ending as soon as anything actually begins to maybe happen was a poor choice. It’s not an interesting watch, and it doesn’t tell you anything about the game. It’s effectively just a minute and a half of a guy sitting on the floor in first-person while demonic screeches and gunfire sound off around him. If I really wanted that experience I would just go to Wal-Mart.


As someone who is vehemently invested in video game culture I was literally shocked to find out that this game is already the most played game in the world by player count of all time, and this trailer is just the announcement of it coming to Xbox. I had literally never heard of this game until now, and this trailer does not sell me on it in the least. This is one of the most bland, vague, military hoo-rah-ism-type things I’ve seen since the trailer for Modern Warfare a couple weeks ago. I would love to understand how and why this game will bring players in when it comes to Xbox, I’m sure the answer will be nothing short of depressing.

For the record, it took all of my energy not to include the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer solely on account of the Keanu Reeves appearance. That surprise, combined with the impossibly pleasant Ikumi Nakamura from Bethesda’s conference have proven to be two of the best moments of E3 this year for many fans. They’ve both already achieved supreme meme status as well!

Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves E3

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