The 3 Best and Worst Games From July 2018

The Worst

Defiance 2050

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While its TV show was canceled, Trion Worlds attempted to bring Defiance 2050 back as an MMO shooter. While the game has some positives, such as decent shooting mechanics and character customization, its quests are boring at times, and there is no shortage of technical issues. Overall, we found that “as it stands right now Defiance 2050 falls short, destined to again become an afterthought.”


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When you put the core gameplay loop of Left 4 Dead and throw in a bunch of aliens, you get Earthfall. While the idea itself is intriguing and has potential, the game ultimately fell short. Despite being fun with friends, it was largely predictable, has loose gameplay mechanics, and lacked replayability. In our review, we note that “as it stands right now, Earthfall isn’t exactly worth it’s $29.99 USD price tag, though if Holospark tightens up the areas that bring the whole game down, it might be worth revisiting later on.”

The Path of Motus

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Developed by a two-man team, The Path of Motus appeared to be a promising title with its gorgeous artwork and its adventure platforming gameplay. While the game had a strong concept, the game overall was unsuccessful due to its many issues, ranging from controls to its narrative. In our review, we found that “it fails in its execution throughout, its story too simplistic for adults, and its gameplay too difficult for children.”

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