The 3 Best and Worst Games From July 2018

3 Up, 3 Down – July 2018 Edition

Just as quickly as it arrived, July 2018 has ended, leaving gamers with a plethora of good and bad games to navigate. While June 2018 was arguably led by Mario Tennis Aces and Vampyr, July 2018 was pushed forward by a diverse lineup. Without further ado, let’s get into the three best and worst games of July 2018.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2

The Best

Octopath Traveler

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Without a doubt, Octopath Traveler takes our top spot for July 2018. While its beautiful graphics were the first thing to catch peoples’ eyes, its strong combat system and intriguing stories kept players interested in the game. Despite some minor cons in the game, we noted in our review that “Octopath Traveler is an incredible combat system, a juicy progression tree and a gorgeous setting wrapped in the trappings of a traditional RPG.”

The Banner Saga 3

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The final entry into a highly regarded series, The Banner Saga 3 finally releases to the delight of the series’ many fans. The game features beautiful animations, tough decisions, and clever tactical combat. In our review, we found that “the third entry in The Banner Saga pushes everything as far as it can go.”

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

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Much like the Mega Man series, the Mega Man X series has received the Legacy Collection treatment with all eight of the Mega Man X games being combined into two collections. In addition to having all the games at the ready, the collection features some extras for fans of the original games. With its solid controls, fun challenges, and mostly great games, we found that “if you’ve no experience with the X series, or if you missed out on a lot of these titles, the Mega Man X Legacy Collections are a terrific investment.”

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