Improbability Control Bureau Demo Is Out Now on Steam

Be a Part of the Improbability Control Bureau

Developers Scott H.F. Dunbar and Faelune have announced that a demo version of Improbability Control Bureau is out now on Steam in partnership with the publisher Hello Friend Games. Anyone can immerse themselves in this spot-the-difference horror game and start monitoring surveillance cameras right now.

Improbability Control Bureau

Improbability Control Bureau” is a spot-the-difference horror game where you step inside the shoes of an agent of a classified organization. Your mission is to monitor surveillance cameras to spot anomalies such as eerie furniture shifts to unexpected intrusions. And then report these strange anomalies to correct them and survive.

These locations reach dangerously high levels of improbability and you must help restore them to normality. Use your sharp eyes and memory to battle a growing sense of paranoia. Do whatever you must to survive the night before all normality is lost forever.

If you are a fan of games like Observation Duty, Para-eyes, etc, then we are sure you will enjoy this one too. Go ahead and add it to your wish list. The game is expected to be released in June of this year, so stay tuned for further updates. In the meantime, check out the official trailer below.