With My Past Is Launching Tomorrow on Steam

Join the Journey in With My Past

Developer Imagine Wings Studio and publisher Edigger have announced that With My Past is coming out on Steam tomorrow i.e. 7th May. In this captivating narrative game, players will step inside the shoes of a troubled girl haunted by her past mistakes and embark on a journey of self-exploration.

With My Past

With My Past is a 2D puzzle platformer that seamlessly blends a rich narrative and gameplay. You will play as a troubled blue-haired girl, haunted by the mistakes she made in the past. Help her overcome her regrets, and understand and confront her past in this amazing game.

To do so, you’ll need to work together with her shadow which co-exists simultaneously with her current self. Collaborate with it to overcome puzzles and obstacles along the way. The game features multiple chapters according to the different stages of the girl’s understanding of her past self.

Every level explores the choices and consequences of her actions. Additionally, it features carefully created original music that captures the protagonist’s emotions and state of mind throughout the game.

Just for reference, the game has won several awards, including the 2023 CUSGA Best Story Design Award. As well as the 2023 indiePlay China Independent Game Competition Best Student Work Silver Award. It has garnered praise and acknowledgment from numerous players and industry experts at prominent domestic independent gaming events like G Fusion and WePlay.