SAK’D Has Unleashed the Power in the Demo on Steam

Become a Warrior Pillow in SAK’D

Alchemy Interactive, the indie game developer and soon-to-be publisher has released a free demo of their upcoming debut title SAK’D on PC via Steam. Dive right into it to experience an epic adventure as a warrior pillow in this amazing action-adventure game. You can also check out the official trailer below to get a glimpse of it.


SAK’D is an epic action-adventure Metroidvania RPG hybrid that takes place in dangerous environments filled with unique characters. You will step inside the shoes of Sak, a pillow brought to life and tossed into a dreamland full of nightmares. Along the way, you will discover powerful weapons and legendary treasures. Wield elemental magic to slay monsters and solve challenging puzzles through perilous lands.

Embark on an epic adventure as you search for lost artifacts and unravel the secrets of a world falling to darkness. Acquire new skills and abilities that will aid you in taking down formidable foes and overcoming obstacles.

The game features over 150 enemies, 17 mid-bosses, and 17 epic end-level bosses. It has hand-drawn animations and detailed, colorful environments as well. It also features an original sound score composed by Brandon Vix and James Thorley, that will accompany you on this haunting and adrenaline-pounding journey.

If you are interested in supporting the development, the Kickstarter campaign is also live. You can click right here to show your love and support for this awesome upcoming game.