Sea of Thieves Is Adding PvE Servers in Season 10

Sea of Thieves Announced That They Will Be Adding PvE Servers Called “Safer Seas’ to the Game in Upcoming Season 10 Update

Sea of Thieves is embarking on a new adventure with the introduction of PvE servers known as “Safer Seas.” These servers cater to a long-standing request from players, providing a more welcoming entry point for newcomers. Set to debut in December during Season 10, this exciting addition promises a different gaming experience.

In “Safer Seas,” players can sail with up to three friends without the constant threat of rival pirates disrupting their quests. While PvE elements like the Kraken and skeleton forts still pose challenges, the absence of PvP encounters offers a more relaxed gameplay environment.

However, it’s important to note that “Safer Seas” has some limitations compared to the default PvPvE servers, now referred to as “High Seas.” Several progression systems and features, such as Pirate Legend unlocks, Hourglass PvP sea battles, and Emissaries’ loot multipliers, remain exclusive to “High Seas.”


Rare intends “Safer Seas” to serve as a training ground rather than a permanent gameplay mode. It’s ideal for newcomers looking to master the game’s mechanics, embark on voyages with friends, and dive into the captivating Tall Tales story mode, which boasts over a dozen chapters, each offering around two hours of immersive storytelling.

As Sea of Thieves sails into Season 10, players can anticipate even more excitement, including the addition of the competitive voyage “Skull of the Siren Song,” fresh cosmetics, a new Plunder Pass, and more surprises that promise to enrich the pirate experience.