Sea of Thieves Fans Think Time-Limited Adventures Will ‘Kill’ Franchise

Sea of Thieves Fans Want Tall Tales

The Sea of Thieves community seems to be fed up with the franchise’s time-limited Adventures. This feature gave players the option to choose if they want to side with Sir Arthur Pendragon or with the nefarious Captain Flameheart.

They are quests that Sea of Thieves can do for a limited time. They usually stay within the game for approximately two weeks before they sail off into the sunset forever. This is part of the devs’ plans of consistently bringing in elements of player choice into the game. Fans of the franchise are well aware that they help in shaping certain parts of the stories that play out on the high seas.

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This kind of engagement with its following is lauded within the gaming community. However, many Sea of Thieves players are already tired of the way it is being implemented. The biggest part that irk them the most is its time limit. 

Adventures are going to kill what Sea of Thieves had,” a player complained on social media. “Adventures last two weeks—if you are a new player, you will never get to experience these pivotal moments in the Sea of Thieves story.”

With that said, it was not entirely surprising when fans started to compare the Adventures unfavorably with the game’s Tall Tales. After all, the latter are permanently available side stories that players can access anytime.

Fans are well aware that the game is now “halfway through the full story.” “They build up a story for over three years,” the player added. “And one of the most pivotal and important moments in it will last two weeks.”

Once the time limit has passed, players who missed out will never have the chance to experience them at all. They will be missing out on some gameplay and rewards. However, what makes this worse is that they completely missed out on some important story content.

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