Sea of Thieves Has Mystery Construction at New Golden Sands Outpost

Sea of Thieves Fans Found a New Structure at the Outpost

Sea of Thieves fans are loving the fact that devs keep adding new content to their favorite pirate game. Rare is always busy building something for the game’s fans to enjoy. However, they do not always provide information on what it is that they are working on. This seems to be exactly what is happening at the New Golden Sands Outpost.

sea of thieves 4th anniversary


Following a recent update, fans noticed the sudden appearance of a new structure’s base the said outpost. This sparked a discussion among Sea of Thieves players that they want full-on port towns added to the game. It is worth noting, however, that this seems to be too slow of a way to introduce something that is of that scale.

Popular speculations among fans is that it could be the base of a new tower. Still, the purpose that this structure could possibly serve remains unclear. Many fans think that the outposts are going to be fortified in a lead-up to another faction war. This pretty much falls in line with Rare’s intention of focusing Season 8 around PvP.

After devs decided to shut down Arena mode, Sea of Thieves’ more competitive players have been clamoring for something to get their PvP fix. Their requests even necessitated an update to the Hunter’s Cry Adventure after griefing turned into a hindrance among PvE players. This minor map change may also tie into the next Adventure, Return of the Damned.

At the moment, players can access the ongoing Adventure, The Herald of the Flame. They can play through it until October 27th. This one and the next seem to be leading up toward the return of the Flameheart. This speculation is further backed up by the discovery of the captain’s coffin at the Reaper’s Hideout.

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