King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Announces Second Seasonal Update

Rising Eclipse 

Attention brave knights of Avalon, a darkness is on the horizon. Fae magic is in the air and the world of Arthurian myth becomes ever darker. Today,  NeocoreGames is excited to announce the second seasonal update for their strategy RPG, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. Releasing on December 2nd, the update is a massive quality-of-life update that not only brings changes to gameplay but also provides a host of new content. Importantly, the update is focussing on a new chain of missions and seasonal content. Of course, a press release provides more details on the update and the game itself. Players are also able to check out the accolades trailer for a look at some of the critical acclaim. 

King Arthur Feature

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale sees players assume the role of Sir Mordred enemy of King Arthur. However, in this story, King Arthur has turned to villainy and only Mordred stands in his way. Importantly the game combines elements of strategy and classic RPGs. Taking control of teams of knights, players will send them on knightly quests to save Camalot and Avalon itself. 

Importantly the Rising Eclipse update for the game is bringing multiple QOL changes. For instance, players can expect class and character balance changes, brand-new skills, rebalanced boss fights and maps, item updates, and more. Additionally, players can expect a brand new chain of missions focussing on the Seelie and Unseelie courts of Avalon. Check out the accolades trailer below for a look at the game. 

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is available now on Steam. The Rising Eclipse update is coming to the game for free on December 2nd.