Season Nine In Sea of Thieves Is Filled With Rewards, Riches and Content

Season Nine In Sea of Thieves Is Filled With Rewards, Riches and Content

Rare Games is a video game developer that released Sea of Thieves almost five years ago. Since then, the developers have poured content into the game and are proud to celebrate its five year anniversary with the release of Season Nine. Furthermore, the game has been considered one of the most premiere games in the Xbox lineup. It is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and via the Xbox Game Pass. Players will enjoy a vast amount of new content in Season Nine including the Chest of Fortune and Legendary Voyages.

Sea of Thieves

Players, as expected, will be able to progress through 100 levels of content as they rise from a mere pirate to the king of the seas. Moreover, players will gain rewards as they progress through the ranks while the optional Plunder Pass adds exclusive content to the treasure pile. Additionally, players must fight for valuable Chests of Fortune, which can only be discovered through skill and strategy as each chest is found within a Fort of Fortune. Beyond that, pirates can enjoy new voyages including the Skull of Destiny.

The Skull of Destiny is described as, “a Ritual Skull filled with the flames necessary to instigate a Fort of the Damned Event – with no trips to the afterlife required.” Thus, players in the Sea of Thieves have a ton of fresh content and upgrades to look forward to in Season Nine.

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