The Deadly Path Building to Release on PC

Deadly Designs 

Sometimes you just have to build your very own dungeon. Of course, managing the design is easier said than done, and resources may be scarce. Obviously, enemies will be trying to destroy you the whole time as well, so that doesn’t help. Can you harness the darkness? Today, Owlskip Enterprises and Fireshrine Games (developers of Core Keeper) are happy to announce that their upcoming management roguelike, The Deadly Path, is coming to PC soon. Inviting players to lead an occult dungeon, the game revolves around design and resource management. Importantly, a press release provides more details on the game itself. Additionally, the release provides insights from Joe Goddard-Howell, Junior Product Manager at Fireshine Games. 

The Deadly Path

The Deadly Path places players in control of a cult building an idol for their dark god. Now, of course, they won’t be able to just build their dark idol without harassment. Hordes of raiders seek to destroy the player and their cult. In order to stop this, players will need to excavate entombed tiles, using the intuitive building system to construct a horrific labyrinth full of walls, traps, and defensive structures. Expanding their base is important as players will uncover new resources like Boneyards & Iron Veins that they can build resource generators on. Learning to balance resources and expansion is vital to a player’s success. 

“The Deadly Path is a compelling hybrid of resource and building management with intuitive roguelike strategy,” Says Joe Goddard-Howell, Junior Product Manager at Fireshine Games, “With its ‘one more go’ appeal and innovative approach to dungeon building, it’s easy to become mesmerized by its gameplay…” 

The Deadly Path is releasing soon for PC via Steam