Stardander School For Witches Casting Spells in October

Witches and Spellcraft Await

It’s almost spooky season. You know what that means? All of the best creatures and spooky things come out. Of course, this means that Witches are among the beings of the night. Today, Fancy Fish Games is happy to announce that their turn-based RPG and life sim, Stardander School For Witches, is releasing to Steam Early Access on October 2nd. Inviting players to follow four young witches, the game immerses players in a world of magic, wonder, and witchcraft. Of course, a press release discusses more of the magical details of the game. Additionally, a new launch trailer shows off the game’s unique art style and battle system. 

Stardander School For Witches

Stardander School For Witches opens its doors and introduces players to four complex and unique young Witches. The Witches, Callie, Freya, Rory, and Mira, are entering their first year and players will follow them through the first four years of their schooling. However, it isn’t all book learning and writing spells at this school. In fact, players have the chance to engage in intense turn-based battles with the fae creatures that roam the world. Yet, these battles are optional, and a particularly studious witch can instead choose to spend her time making friends, going to classes, gaining a familiar, brewing potions, or a host of other activities. 

Players can get a glimpse of Stardander School For Witches in the new announcement trailer for the game. Check out the trailer below. 

Stardander School For Witches is releasing to Steam Early Access on October 2nd. Players can expect more content on the game’s full release.