The Panic Games Showcase Has Been Announced

Panic Has Launched the First-Ever Expo for Digital Games

The Portland-based firm plans to announce the Panic Games Showcase, which will be held on August 29, 2023. It will be a digital presentation of a 20-minute duration, which will shed light on the company’s upcoming plans.

The Games Showcase aims to provide an immersive experience for viewers, featuring exclusive sneak peeks and exciting announcements. Attendees can expect to gain insights into the highly anticipated games and projects the firm has diligently been working on.

Panic Games Showcase

The digital games showcase will elucidate some new games, including previously announced ones. Fans can enjoy the new look of Nour: Play with Your Food, a free-roaming game, and they will get to see the updated glimpse of Despelote, a game that is more about the soccer sport.

The event will also showcase the innovative gameplay mechanics and stunning graphics the company is known for. Viewers can also look forward to hearing from the developers, who will share behind-the-scenes stories and inspirations for their creations.

The Games Showcase would commence at 10 am PT/5 pm GMT. Various new titles would also be announced during the show. In the first phase of 2022, producer Panic launched the handheld console category among the audience. Around 50,000 units were sold recently, which marked a vital milestone for the company.

This success has generated excitement among fans, who eagerly anticipate what new games and innovations Panic will unveil during the showcase. With their track record of delivering unique and captivating gaming experiences, it’s no wonder that the Panic Games Showcase is a highly anticipated event in the gaming community.