Future Updates Released for Pokemon Sleep

Select Button Reveals What’s in Store for Pokemon Sleep

While it has been almost a month since Pokemon Sleep was released, the developers have announced particular new Pokemon to be added to the list of the current 104 available ones. Specific bug fixes and life-changing improvements are also part of the recent updates announced.

These new Pokemon additions are expected to bring more excitement and variety to the gameplay, giving players fresh challenges to explore. The bug fixes and life-changing improvements aim to enhance the overall user experience and address any issues players may have encountered since the game’s release.

Pokémon Sleep

The final list of Pokemon to be included has yet to be stated. Also, Dragon Specie Pokemon, including Dragonair and Dratini, have yet to be included in the game. The Pokemon Sleep team also needs to introduce a legendary Pokemon.

Adding new Pokemon and including Dragon Specie Pokemon would bring a whole new level of excitement and anticipation for players. Furthermore, introducing a legendary Pokemon would add a sense of awe and wonder and provide players with an ultimate goal to strive towards in their gameplay journey.

Good Sleep Day, the first-ever Pokemon Sleep event, will occur on August 30, 2023. The drowsiness of Snorlax would be at its peak then. The developers are also working on some practical issues to be addressed, including adding more soothing sleep sounds for the users to choose from. A night mode would also be introduced to correct the dazzling white screen.

Introducing a night mode will not only address the issue of a dazzling white screen but also create a more relaxing and sleep-friendly environment for players. Additionally, the developers are considering implementing features that track and analyze users’ sleep patterns, providing valuable insights and feedback to improve their overall sleep quality.