Catch Creatures in Your Dreams With Pokémon Sleep

I Could Catch These in My SLEEP

Early this morning (depending on your timezone), Nintendo held it’s Pokémon Presents showcase. It detailed all sorts of Pokémon-related news, including new DLC for Scarlet and Violet. One of the more surprising and interesting announcements was Pokémon Sleep.

Apparently, this app had been announced several years ago, I guess the Pokémon Company was sleeping on it. It almost seems like the opposite of Pokémon GO. Instead of walking around looking for Pokémon in a virtual space, you just put your phone next to your pillow and sleep. When you wake up, you check in to see all the Pokémon you attracted.

Pokémon Sleep

There are different “types” of sleep in Pokémon Sleep. There is goofy, droopy-eared, one-eyed sleep, and many others yet to be revealed. The app will also track and record your sleep patterns. Don’t worry, it’s recording data in a cute way, not a corporate-predator way!

The goal, like with any Pokémon game, is to collect them all. However, they sleep differently at different times. This means you can have the same species with different types of sleep.

A cool feature of Pokémon Sleep is that it can use the same bluetooth device as Pokémon GO. The Pokémon GO Plus watch-like device lets you capture Pokémon and spin Pokéstops hands-free. The same device can be paired with the app to also track your sleep patterns.

Pokémon Sleep will be coming out in Summer 2023 for Android and iOS devices.

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