Feral Interactive, the Master of Switch Ports Teases Two New Games

Feral Interactive Is on It Again

Feral Interactive is working on two new titles again and we might get to see them “quite soon”. The company is known for its Nintendo Switch Ports. Gamers all around the world constantly demand more Switch Ports. And this company has been working days and nights to fulfill their desires. They are very much devoted to this mission.

Nintendo Feral Interactive


Through a recent social media post, the company shared a declaration regarding some fresh developments catching its attention on its gaming radar. By visiting their official website, you can glimpse at the imminent arrival of two games for the Switch platform. While specific titles are absent, we can still see some textual hints and pictures.

The first picture depicts the Switch logo accompanied by a portrayal of dolphins and the phrase “over our heads”. The second picture shows a pool table with the Switch logo accompanied by the phrase “now you’ve got to play the part”.

The company is based in the UK, they have gained a reputation for their expertise in porting games to different systems, with a particular focus on the Nintendo Switch. Feral Interactive earns renown for its high-quality efforts in adapting and optimizing games to achieve optimal performance on various platforms.

Their successful ports include titles like Alien: Isolation, GRID Autosport, and The Lara Croft Collection for the Nintendo Switch. Their dedication to providing gamers with enjoyable experiences across different devices has solidified their position as a key player in the gaming industry.

The only information we have is that these titles are upcoming releases from Feral Interactive. And they will be arriving “quite soon”. We have to wait and see which titles are they working on when they finally reveal them.