PlayStation 5 System Software Update Released – Download Now

PlayStation 5 Version 23.01-07.61.00 Is Here

As soon as you turn on your PlayStation 5 console today, you will find a fresh update. Yes, folks, version 23.01-07.61.00 is finally here. It is another minor update and has a single patch note. It says: “This system software update improves system performance.”



The most recent firmware update for the PS5 was version 23.01-07.60.00 and it came out last month. It was also a minor update like the current one. The upcoming major firmware update is presently in beta, with selected testers from the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, and France.

Once the firmware becomes available to all users, it will introduce compatibility for Dolby Atmos HDMI devices such as soundbars, TVs, and home theatre systems. This inclusion will empower the console to transmit the PS5’s 3D Audio feature to Atmos devices by processing the 3D Audio channels, including those positioned overhead, through Atmos speakers.

Additionally, the update will include fresh accessibility features. Such as the option to designate a secondary controller as an ‘assist controller’ linked to a single account. Moreover, users will gain the option to activate haptic feedback while navigating the PS5 system menu.

The most recent significant update for the console was released in early March. It brought Discord voice chat functionality. And also the option to initiate or request a Share Screen session directly from a friend’s profile. Furthermore, it introduced support for Variable Refresh Rates on screens that can handle 1440p resolution. It made the console more fun and interesting.

Some additional features include data transfer between PS5 consoles. The choice to upload game captures to the PlayStation App. The option to capture video clips through voice commands. And the capability to organize and filter games while adding them to a game list.
We just can’t wait for this new software ‘upgrade’.