Running Fable Races Onto Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Unleash Your Speed in Running Fable

Seashell Studio’s popular title Running Fable is out now for Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Get ready to unleash your speed in this amazing cross-platform racing game. You can start playing with your friends and family right away.

The game was originally released for PC on 4 November 2022. It introduces a fresh perspective to racing by merging the exhilarating experience of high-speed racing with strategic elements. You can run, jump, fly, and dodge on your way to the trophy. And up to 10 players can take part in the race.

Running Fable

Skillfully position items and traps across the map to reshape the racetrack before every race. Outsmart your rivals and secure victory by reaching the finish line ahead of the pack. Not only that, there are tons of customization options. The possibilities are just endless.

Rodrigo Cuadriello from Seashell Studio commented, “The day is finally upon us! We’ve been dreaming of this day for about 3 years now, and we couldn’t be happier. Go tell your friends, your roommates, your cousins, and even your grandma. “Running Fable” is good fun for everyone, and now with cross-play integration, also everywhere!”

Seashell Studio is an independent game development studio from Mexico. They are dedicated to delivering top-tier video games and animated creations. The studio has already been recognized with outstanding and prestigious awards. They released their first game Lunch a Palooza back in 2020 on Steam.

Make sure you check out the trailer of this unique game below. And last of all, ready, set, go!